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We are glad you visited our web site!!!

Whether you currently live in, or are planning to visit, any of the areas served by Let's Get Acquainted, you may use our web site as a spring board into our community for the references and resources that will make your life or visit here safe, convenient and enjoyable.

That is why you will find information on the visual and performing arts in the Fine Art section of Letsget.com. Historical Sites, Museums, Parks, Recreation & Nature Centers, Activities - Clubs and other Points of Interest; such as a Tour of Bucks County's Covered Bridges may be found in the Community section. Information on federal, state and local government and how to contact your elected officials will be found under the heading Government.

In the Education section you will find helpful hints, resources and links for stimulating learning in pre-schoolers thru college students. Also, there are links for carrier decision making, planning, preparing and financing college. (There are a lot of links to interactive learning games for children).

Our Potpourri Section is a collection of Fun-N-Facts, Website Language Translation, Games, Health and Inspiration for the body and soul. The Safety Tips section will provide you with information on Identity Theft, Fire & Crime Prevention, Babysitter - School Bus - Swimming & Holiday Safety Tips. Although, you never leave home when you are on the Internet, in the Web Safety section of this web site, you will find tips on how to protect yourself and your children when you are traveling on the information super highway. And, when you do go out, check the Weather before you go.

The resources available to you in the "Community Resource & Restaurant Guide" and Letsget.com may seem overwhelming. That is why these individuals, groups, businesses, professionals and community leaders want to offer their assistance. As a bonus you will find money saving offers extended to you in the Special Offers and Something to Eat sections of this web site.

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason or find any broken links we may be contacted at 215.598.9694 or go to the Contact Us area of our web site to e-mail us.

On behalf of all the members of your community participating in Let's Get Acquainted, Inc. and Letsget.com we hope to meet you soon.




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