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The Master’s Place was started in 1985 by a former employee of Kalen’s Fine Arts. Initially located in Morrisville, PA, we relocated to Yardley, PA, where we changed our name to “Silver Lake Gallery” due to our close proximity to Lake Afton. When we moved the location of our business once again, we made the decision to change our name back to “The Master’s Place” because of its multilayered meaning.

We chose the name “The Master’s Place” as a tribute to Jesus, the Master of all and Creator of everything. We also found it fitting because we sell artwork at the Master’s Place, and because exceptionally talented artists, such as Da Vinci and Michelangelo, are known as “master artists.” Finally, although run by human beings, the Master’s Place is Jesus’s business. Since He is the greatest artist of all, the Master’s Place is truly the Master’s place.