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Our studio is part of the Once Upon A Lifetime national children;s ortraiture rogram that is dedicated to helping you preserve the personal portrait history of your child. Once Upon A Lifetime is sponsored by Professional Photographers of America (PPA), whose member studios are committed to:

  • Providing clients with quality children's portraiture of lasting value.
  • Recommending to clients a variety of ways to preserve each child's personal portrait history.
  • Using photographic materials that meet industry standards for longevity.
  • Upholding the Professional Photographers of America's code of ethics.
Capture the special expression of a precious moment in your Child's life!
Gina recognizes that your children's experience at the studio will be reflected in the final portrait. All of her sessions are by appointment. There are no waiting lines and no rushing through the process. Gina always schedules sufficient time to allow your children to become comfortable and have fun. Because these moments are very special, our studio provides quality portraiture with warmth, sensitivity and patience.
Parents enjoy working with Gina as she uses a wide variety of props, setting and techniques to capture their child's special charm on-film. These portraits are treasures of the heart.

Designing and displaying portraits are easy and fun when you make use of the many creative tolls we have to assist you. When you feature portraits of your child in your home or office, they will not only convey the love you feel, but also serve as a tasteful reflections of a time gone by.

Together we can create the look you will love in a professional portrait. Gina does this by combining a wide selection of props and settings. Her professional advice on outfits, poses and experience will bring out everyone's best making your child's portrait session fun. You may choose the garden studio, the indoor studio or go on location at the park or beach. Memorable portraits take careful planning, and the clothing you choose is very important to your portrait success. Please call for a design consultation.


Create a priceless treasure...


Create a portrait history of your child. Someday the child you hold now will want to tell your grandchildren what is was like when he or she was growing up. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a beautiful album of priceless images of that childhood, created by a sensitive professional who knows how to interpret and preserve the important steps along the journey to adulthood. Begin planning now for the most important portraits of your child's life. They grow up so fast.
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