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Established in 1982, T. Foster & Co. designs and manufactures high quality, classical jewelry in gold and platinum. Designs are available at the retail showroom in Yardley, PA.

T. Foster & Co. can offer you:


Custom Designed Jewelry
These three pieces of jewelry were designed and manufactured by T.Foster & Co. exclusively.
Available by contacting the showroom directly.
Please call or E-mail us for more information and pricing.


Jewelry Workshops

Creation of a T. Foster & Co. classically designed piece of jewelry: "A brief glimpse into the world of jewelry design and creation"

The Design Step

The beginning of a magnificent piece of jewelry begins by sketches that show every detail and proportion for our first jeweler to begin his work.

The Model Step

Only the most skilled craftsmen become the model makers of our trade. They carve wax in the most exacting details to create an actual size, pre-creation of the jewelry to be made. Our designer then reviews the model. After making changes or improvements, the piece moves on to another expert jeweler.

The Gem Selection Step

The model is used to determine the size and shape of the gems to be used and set into the finished piece. Years of training and experience go into this step, even the smallest gem must be of the finest quality and fit the new model perfectly. In some cases travel to the great gem trading centers of Europe and New York is necessary.

The Fabrication Step

The highly trained Bench Jeweler goes into action carefully handcrafting the new item using the original designer sketches and the model. During this step it is most important that the design and quality control members oversee this time consuming process. As many as six bench jewelers might work on one piece, each a specialist in one step of the fabrication process.

The Hallmarking and Registering Steps

After careful examination of the finished piece, our designer moves the new creation on to its final step, that of hallmarking the jewelry (signing the T. Foster & Co. name) and designating a registration number. This number becomes the new Lifetime Guarantee registration number assigned to the future owner of the piece. For More Info...