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Parents' Take-Home Quiz For Kids
Do your children ever have to take care of themself?
If so here's a quiz that will help them be safe.
Put a check beside the answer you feel is the best. (Answers at Bottom of Page)
What would you do if?
1. You come home from school and the front door is slightly open. (You know your folks aren't home.)
I would:
  A. Go inside and see who is there.
  B. Send my dog in first.
  C. Go tell a trusted neighbor about it.
  D. Go inside and call my parents.
2. You and your kid sister are home alone and a stranger knocks at the door
  and says he has a package for your mother.
  I would:
  A. Tell him my mother isn't home.
  B. Send my kid sister to the door.
  C. Open the door to get the package.
  D. Tell him to leave the package outside.
3. You smell smoke or see fire in your house.
  I would:
  A. Run to the bathroom and turn on the water.
  B. Get everybody out and go to a neighbors's house.
  C. Fight it with my blanket.

D. Run to the window and scream "Fire!"

4. You see a stranger looking in your window when you are home alone.
  I would:
  A. Call and tell the police.
  B. Go outside and see who it is.
  C. Open the window.
  D. Hide behind a big chair.
5. You are home alone and someone calls on the telephone and asks to speak to your mother or father.
  I would:
  A. Tell them my parents aren't home.
  B. Hang up.
  C. Tell them my parents are busy right now and ask to take a message.
  D. Pretend I am one of my parents.
6. Something happens while you are home alone that makes you feel unsafe.
  I would:
  A. Forget about it.
  B. Keep it a secret.
  C. Blame myself.
  D. Tell my folks about it.






ANSWERS: 1 - C; 2 - D; 3 - B, 4 - A; 5 - C, 6 - D