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Answers in Genesis This is a good source of creation research information for all ages. Over 600 creation related articles

Blue Bible

Campus Crusade For Christ Campus Crusade for Christ International is an interdenominational ministry committed to helping take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. We cooperate with millions of Christians from churches of many denominations and hundreds of other Christian organizations around the world to help Christians grow in their faith and share the Gospel message with their fellow countrymen.

Campus Life Good site for teens and young adults. Lots of good stuff!

Concerned Women for America

CrossSearch An excellent Christian search engine

Christian Answers to most common questions about our faith.

Christian Freebies Yes, freebies. A great selection of Christian e-cards, resource materials, clip-art, and much, much more. Definitely a great site.

Christian Net An excellent resource-Christian businesses, evangelists, etc.

Church Surf Locate churches of any denomination throughout the United States.

Churches on automated system Another search engine for Nebraska churches of all denominations.

Daily Devotions


Enter His Rest

Family Life Today Practical advice for those who desire to strengthen marriages and families.

Family Research Council Legislative hot line, national issues, Washington Watch.

Focus on the Family Radio ministry, Parent's Place, Brie, a magazine for teenage girls, fiction for kids, etc

Food for the Hungry

Free Christian Software Links to numerous directories of free Christian software.  If you're looking for free Bible study software, games, or clip art, this site deserves a look.

Gateway to Joy Elizabeth Elliot's homepage. Elizabeth has daily inspirational messages on Christian radio. Her homepage features schedules, inspirational messages etc.

General Board of Global Ministries Home page for United Methodist GBof GM.

Goshen This source contains a multitude of information-Bible Dictionaries, Concordances, organizations

Gospel Communications Network An alliance of 95 Christian organizations dedicated to spreading the Gospel. Billy Graham, Back to the Bible, Children's Bible Hour, etc.

Guideposts Magazine Daily Inspirations, Magazine previews, Guideposts for kids, Book reviews, Prayer companion

Habitat for Humanity

Hallelujah Acres We've put everything you need to know about The Hallelujah Diet and lifestyle right here for your free access at any time. We hope you'll join many thousands of others who have adopted The Hallelujah Diets and lifestyle for health preservation and healing, and then tell a friend about the good news you've discovered! We invite you to explore our site for living in optimum health!

Heartlight Good Site! While you are here, mail your friends free Christian E-mail greeting cards.

HymnSite Many hymns from the Methodist Hymnal. Listings by title or page number. Listen on-line or download MIDIs for listening off-line. Words are also displayed.

In Touch Ministries Dr Charles Stanley's home page.

Institute for Creation Research

Jesus Film Project Through use by The JESUS Film Project, and more than 1,200 Christian agencies, this powerful film has been seen by more than billions people worldwide. On top of that, the great majority of those heard the story of "JESUS" in a language they easily understand.

Jews for Jesus You've probably already noticed, but we've turned into TWO websites! One if you ALREADY believe in Jesus -- and one if you DON'T. Down below we've listed what's on each site. And we know no matter what you believe, you're going to go to the other site anyway! "A man should live if only to satisfy his curiosity" (Yiddish proverb).

Josh McDowell Check out Josh's resources, including the workbook "Setting You Free to Make Right Choices".

Kidshield Concerned about what may be coming into your home via the Internet? This site will help eliminate the mystery of filters and protective software. Software is reviewed for ease of use and degree of protection. A list of Internet Service Providers that provide only filtered materials is provided as well.

Koinonia House (K-House) Be sure to check this one out--online Bible with study guides, Matthew Henry Commentary, Hebrew and Greek text, 1,100,000 links from Bible to concordances, lexicons, dictionaries and commentaries--Super Site.

Lambert Dolphin's Web Links

An exhaustive list of web sites, roughly categorized. Super collection of Christian and related sites. Don't miss this one!

Leadership U

Mark Lowry's home page Christian singer and comic  the"Weird Al Yankovic of the Bible Belt" as People magazine called him.

Motivating Moments A page dedicated to inspirational and motivational stories and quotes. There is a special section for teens. Thanks to Sandy Lozier for spotting this one for us.

Mar Mom A wonderful page full of inspirational poetry and graphics. You really should take some time at this site. You will want to forward some of the pages to friends and relatives.

Peggie's Place This one is definitely a "must visit". Hosted by a private individual as her personal ministry, The page is extremely well done, and has something for everyone including the serious Bible student, teen chat page, church look ups...

Promise Keepers

Online Bible and study materials

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries

Another good site for teens and young adults.

Student Venture For many students, growing up is tough, especially in a culture filled with sexual pressures, drug abuse, and disintegrating family life. Parents, teachers and youth leaders play a crucial role in helping young people make successful choices. That’s what Student Venture is all about. We are a locally-based organization, here to help young people and their families tackle the issues of life and come out winners.

United Methodist Church Official home page of the United Methodist Church. Lots of news articles, and miscellaneous information about UMC.

Welcome to Christianity Today Homepage for the magazine of the same name.

What Would Jesus Do Official site of the WWJD movement.


Please note--these pages are recommended as a reference only. Some pages may have materials for sale. We do not offer them as an advertisement, and all purchases should be made with the same discretion as you would use at any other site.

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